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by Verda Windler
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Model Speaks English
Dominant Members Age 25 - 34
Mobile Friendly Yes
Girls Percent 40%
Price $3.99

Date Nice Asian is an online dating site with over 23 million members from across the world.

Our Overall Score

Main Features

  • Great security features
  • The design is friendly to the younger generation
  • Has simple navigation and easy-to-use design

Advantages & disadvantages of the service



  • Matching software
  • There are free giveaways for those who complete the process
  • Free to join, use, and message
  • Three-way telephone conference
  • You have access to different lists where you can see who is interested in you
  • Has an online indication
  • The website has an outdated design
  • You need to upgrade in order to use all features
  • Not so user friendly design
  • The girls don't initiate the contact

How to Start With Date Nice Asian Website


Date Nice Asian is a dating platform that has website since 2018 and won the hearts of 300K users in last year. 707K men and women visit site here monthly, and the overall gender mix is about 40% women to 60% men. In case you wonder if ladies are communicative here, here are approximately 35K girls online. The average age of users is 25 - 34.

The site is mobile-friendly, it has friendly supports and offers such payment options as Credit Card, PayPal. The starting price is $3.99.

Date Nice Asian’s team does big job to keep the level of fraud low, so we rate the platform this high: 1/10.

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